About LM Silver

We came into existence in 2009 with the launch of SilverJubilee.biz, our first online store.

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LM Silver is a jewelry manufacturing, wholesale, retail and export company established in Bangkok, Thailand since 2012.

We specialize in contemporary 925 sterling silver, 316L stainless steel body jewellery, brass / jewelry watches and much more. We deal in both 100% natural occurring crystals as well as high quality grade 'A' diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia.

Some of our designs feature natural gems such as Amethyst (purple), Tiger Eye (brown), Onyx (black), Spinel (black), Mother-of-Pearl and Turquoise.

We create buzz. We design, re-design & innovate. We break boundaries ...

With our very own design facilities, we can serve you with high quality products, made-to-order designs at factory prices, satisfying yours and your customers requirements.

We specialize in silver electroforming as well as sterling silver settings with gemstones. You can pick your choice of cut ... either cabochon or checker board cutting!


We offer personalized, individual attention to every request and order made with us. We do our best to be professional and upfront in conducting business with all our clients, with the hope of building a lasting relationship. We believe in the motto - "Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!"

To all of you, from all of us at LM Silver Inc.
Thank you and Happy Shopping!

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